Annalisa Manca – Member in Focus #11

This week we speak to Annalisa Manca for our #memberinfocus feature: “The Challenges and Opportunities of 2020”.

Q1. If you could describe the year 2020 in one word, what would it be?


Q2. What was happening in your life when the pandemic struck?

I was finishing my PhD in Medical Education. In fact, I discussed my Viva on the 16th of March, the day lockdown started in the UK.

Q3. Why and when did you decide to get involved with community-based support?

I wanted to get involved with community-based support since I arrived in NI, in 2017. It’s my way to give back to a community that has so warmly and generously welcomed me in many ways during the past 3 years.

Q4. What is the biggest challenge you have faced since the world went into lockdown?

Having to readjust my projects. I thought I would be starting an academic work soon after my Viva, but instead I spent 6 months in a sort of “limbo”. However, this allowed me to dedicate some quality time to my Yoga+Therapy project, in which I’m holistically merging Yoga and Psychotherapy to help people grow towards wellness.

Q5. Are you excited about any opportunities that have arisen this year?

I look forward to being able to help as many people as I can through Yoga+Therapy, and keep developing as a Psychotherapist.

Q6. How are things looking for the remainder of 2020? 

Sometimes I feel hopeful, other times I’m very confused and unsure about the future. I’ve recently started an academic job, so I’ll be quite busy balancing this with Yoga+Therapy and my private life. I look forward to when we can put masks and social distancing aside, until then, I’m determined to keep grounded and enjoy life as much as I can.

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