Join the BITCNI Age Inclusive Learning Network

📢 Would you like to reduce your recruitment costs and staff absence rates?

ℹ️ Enjoy these benefits and more by joining the Age Inclusive Learning Network with Business in the Community NI .



The Age Inclusive Learning Network brought to you by Business in The Community NI brings HR and equality professionals together for five sessions over a five month period to learn, share best practice and to provide support to develop an age inclusive business action plan that is bespoke for your organisation.

This action plan will support your business  to be more age inclusive in retaining, retraining and recruiting older workers. 

Some of the benefits of being an age inclusive employer include:

  • Retention of skilled and experienced workers
  • Increased age diversity and multigenerational working
  • Reduced recruitment costs
  • Increased brand value and a greater understanding of older customers’ needs
  • A wider talent pool with experience and wisdom to pass to new staff
  • A staff body that represents all sections of the community and creates a diverse working environment
  • A healthier workforce, reducing staff absence rates and ill health, and providing scope to discuss and manage employee health and wellbeing
⚠️ Business in the Community are now recruiting representatives from 15 organisations for the next phase of their Age Inclusive Network

👋 Register below for session dates and information on how to get involved 

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