Bremar Training – Member in Focus #39

Interview with Mark McNally from Bremar Training

Tell us a bit about yourself and/or your organisation.

My name is Mark McNally and I am one of the Co-Founders of Bremar Training alongside my business partner Barney Herron.

Our services are broken into 3 key areas, Training, Counselling and Consultancy Services. We offer a range of programmes particularly focussed around Mental Health & Well-being, Suicide Awareness, Safeguarding, Professional Boundaries and Leadership & Management within the Social Care and Support services. We offer a Professional Counselling service from our premises in Belfast, as well as offering counselling via Zoom due to the pandemic. We also offer a consultancy service supporting leaders and managers within community organisations and service providers on developing and growing their service. We are passionate about offering mental and emotional support to everyone in our local communities and would like to make our programmes available to every community group, organisation, sporting bodies and clubs, the education sector and corporate organisations.

How well have you/your organisation adapted to the pandemic?

The Pandemic has given us the opportunity to develop our business in terms of registering as a Community Interest Company, developing our website and social media profile and developing the range of services we provide. Prior to the pandemic we were focussed on going out delivering programmes in a face to face environment. Since then we have had to look at different ways we can offer support and raise awareness of mental health to members of the public. We developed our programmes so that they can be be delivered via zoom, presented a podcast series which is available on Spotify interviewing special guests and increased our social media campaigns. The pandemic has definitely affected how we deliver, but positively it has given us the opportunity to take a step back and prioritise the services we provide.

How well have people/organisations in your area collaborated throughout the pandemic?
We work closely with community organisations, sports clubs and schools and we have found that everyone is recognising the importance of supporting and improving the mental and emotional well-being of everyone in our communities.  Organisations, schools and people in their local communities have really stood up and looked at new ways to collaborate and deliver their services or help out with vulnerable people throughout the pandemic.
Isolation has been a major factor over the last year and the importance of keeping connected through technology has become increasingly significant. Coming out of the pandemic, this is going to become even more vital as it is widely recognised the mental health of our population is going to be severely affected. 
What key needs are becoming apparent and/or are likely to arise this year?

This year the need for affordable services such as counselling, health & wellbeing support as well as practical support in terms of financial, jobs and education for people who may have lost their employment due to the pandemic.

ASK: What do you need, right now, that the members of Community Network NI and/or the wider community may be able to help you with?
We are currently launching our new health and Wellbeing programme P.I.T.C.H. (Positive Impact To promote Club/Community Health). We would encourage anyone who is involved in a sports club, community group or organisation to get in contact with us to find out some more information on how we can offer this programme to their members. We also offer a professional counselling service so anyone who needs support on a 1 to 1 basis are welcome to get in contact.
👋 If you would like to respond to this ask, please follow the link below and enter “BREMAR TRAINING” to the first field.

OFFER: What support are you currently offering and are you open to members of Community Network NI and/or the wider community making contact?

Anyone who requires counselling or is interested in any of the training can find out more by responding below.

👋 If you would like to be connected with this offer of support, please follow the link below and enter “BREMAR TRAINING” to the first field.

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