Calm & Balance Workshop with Dr Annalisa Manca

📢 Would you like to learn practical and accessible strategies to help overcome basic feelings of worry, stress, and anxiety?

ℹ️ FREE Calm & Balance Workshop with Dr Annalisa Manca | Mon 8 Feb | 8-9:30pm


Understanding the roots of Anxiety and how to address it to the core 

We are living a very particular historic time, full of uncertainty and complexities. The dramatic changes in all our lives during the past year have raised anxiety levels, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to stay positive and strong. 

We may feel low, worried, even disconnected at times. We are told we need to rest and take care of ourselves. Meanwhile, we want to be strong for, and support, our family, friends, partners. All this while trying to adapt and re-adapt to a new, everchanging, world.

It can be overwhelming, I do feel you, believe me. 

This is why we need reliable, effective ways to allow our body and mind to calm & balance.

I’m going to talk extensively about this; why we are feeling increasingly anxious, tired and low in mood, and how to address anxiety to the core at this (FREE) “Calm & Balance” Workshop next Monday (8 February) at 8pm, on Zoom, by @the.therapist.yogi (Yoga + Therapy on Facebook).

You will learn:

  1. Why you experience anxiety and how it is connected to low mood (knowing how anxiety works is essential to start healing it, calming your body and mind);
  2. 3 ways to help you heal from anxiety, not covering up the symptoms, but addressing the roots of anxiety;
  3. A simple secret which will calm your body and mind (racing heart, rapid breath, speeding thoughts) effectively and FAST.


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