Ciaran Rooney, FRCI – Member in Focus #53

Interview with Ciaran Rooney from Fermanagh Community Rural Initiative.

Tell us a bit about yourself and/or your organisation.

Supporting the disadvantaged, socially excluded and hard to reach within Fermanagh and bordering counties. Our main aim is make employment opportunities accessible to all but we realise some are further from this goal than others and we provide recreational activities for them.

How well have you/your organisation adapted to the pandemic?

Throughout the pandemic FRCI maintained a member of staff on-site to ensure queries and calls were able to be dealt with. During this period we also looked at how FRCI could provide services as the new normal arrived with the result we were able to open our doors when initial lockdown was removed. We had all appropriate screening and sanatising stations prepared.

How well have people/organisations in your area collaborated throughout the pandemic?

The funding for Core activities is always an issue. More local communities are going to need activities involving social interaction to eliminate the loneliness and isolation encountered during the last 18 months. To provide this will require strategic planning to ensure a safe and welcoming environment for all. Numbers attending activities will be greatly reduced and this will put pressure on budgets for service delivery.

ASK: What do you need, right now, that the members of Community Network NI and/or the wider community may be able to help you with?
Online platforms and delivery have become the new normal for the majority of service provision within society. Support for us to develop the online element of our company would be very beneficial.
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OFFER: What support are you currently offering and are you open to members of Community Network NI and/or the wider community making contact?

Currently we are providing an Employability project called ASPIRE. Thankfully this now involves face to face activities alongside the on-line training element.
The National Lottery Heritage Fund has just awarded us a two year project to deliver a range of traditional skills through crafts activities. Again we are fortunate to deliver this face to face with reduced activities.

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