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Launching our resources feature - an open message - Community Calling

Launching our resources feature – an open message


Resources can be anything from guidance to courses, workshops and training…

How resources work

We have the option to create online resources directly within Community Network. This means we can bring everything together in one place – your community, your resources, and your digital content. 


Enabling Resources and Courses

At the moment we have it set to only Hosts and Moderators can create resources so we can set events up for you, but, if you would prefer to go ahead and start setting up events yourself, please drop Sarah Scullion a DM and we’ll get you set up.


Charging for a Course

It is possible to charge for access to a course or a bundle of Courses so please contact Sarah Scullion if you are interested in listing a paid course that would be of value to the members of our network.  

Display of Resources

We are able to access resources directly from the left navigation and go to the main resources page.

We can choose what order our resources are displayed on the main resources page, as well as show off the featured resources or bundles available.


Please get in touch if you would like to list any type of resource e.g. classes, courses, seminars, workshops, or any custom name you choose for a resource that would be useful for the members here.

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