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Millbrook Church of the Nazarene - Member in Focus #28 - Community Calling

Millbrook Church of the Nazarene – Member in Focus #28

Interview with Victoria Moore, Pastor of Millbrook Church of the Nazarene.

Tell us a bit about yourself and/or your organisation.

I am Victoria Moore, and I am the newly appointed community Pastor of Millbrook Church of the Nazarene. A mum of 2 kids, my professional background is within Children’s nursing – and I am a school based nurse in a local High school… currently homeschooling!
Over the years I have been involved in many community based volunteering opportunities, both within and outside of church activities. I am passionate about creating authentic connection with people, sharing burdens, meeting needs and encouraging. I believe it’s about how we can all work together to keep growing and moving.
Millbrook Church of the Nazarene, is based in the community centre in Millbrook, Larne. We are a God centred, family focused, community based, contemporary church. We are passionate about teaching and worshipping God. We want to encourage and equip people to live out a real Christian life in the real world.

How well have you/your organisation adapted to the pandemic?

As a church we have worked alongside the community association to deliver food parcels, the Mid East Antrim Agewell partnership to deliver prescriptions and became a referral agency for the food bank.
Our church services have now gone fully online for the time being, alongside youth, men’s and ladies ministries. These times of meeting – albeit over a screen, have provided us with much needed distraction from the overwhelming times we are in. I imagine we will continue the provision of online services – however it would be our hope that we can return to meeting in person when it is safe to do so.
Millbrook Church of the Nazarene have always created space for belonging within the community, we will continue to create relationships with organisations and individuals, and provide connection points with people. That will continue to adapt as the pandemic continues.
How well have people/organisations in your area collaborated throughout the pandemic?
It has been remarkable to see the response of the community, pulling together to meet needs and help each other within the pandemic. For me, I believe there will always be a need for working together, and finding new ways of doing that that can help identify where the help is needed, and signposting to those who are qualified and equipped to provide it!
What key needs are becoming apparent and/or are likely to arise this year?
Gosh, who knows the effect of all of this. The pandemic has extended far beyond what we could have imagined, and I think unfortunately the impact will too. The challenge of remaining connected, remaining reactive and responding to the needs where they are, and adapting to meet these. Resilience and making sure we are all looking out for each other, will make the best difference in how we keep moving forward.
We are hoping to partner with other organisations to provide space for people to connect and learn.
ASK: What do you need, right now, that the members of Community Network NI and/or the wider community may be able to help you with?
Personally, I am loving all the ideas and ways that people are demonstrating – and I would love to hear more- about how you are staying connected and the things that have made a difference to you!

OFFER: What support are you currently offering and are you open to members of Community Network NI and/or the wider community making contact?

Currently we are offering shopping, befriending, anything really that we can!
Absolutely, please do get in touch – even if its only for a chat to say Hi! I love a good chat, and have really missed the opportunity to sit down with people for a cuppa!

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