Springboard – Member in Focus #57

Interview with Caitriona Lennox from Springboard.

Tell us a bit about yourself and/or your organisation.

Springboard Charity is a national organisation totally committed and passionate about encouraging and supporting unemployed people into Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism. We offer a variety of training to suit varying needs and our goal is to be in the position of signposting trainees to employers with real job opportunities.

How well have you/your organisation adapted to the pandemic?

We are currently offering training virtually meaning that candidates can sign up to and undergo the training from the comfort of their own home. Moving forward we may continue to deliver some aspects virtually with perhaps some face to face training.

How well have people/organisations in your area collaborated throughout the pandemic?
The pandemic has proven to be challenging not just for us but for the referral partners we work with. The opportunites to discuss job vacancies face to face has / was removed so everyone relied on communications via phone / teams / zoom. However although challenging, it was not impossible and Springboard Charity continued to support people and offer training opportunities where possible.
ASK: What do you need, right now, that the members of Community Network NI and/or the wider community may be able to help you with?
We need support from others to signpost those unemployed into Hospitality and to avail of the free training Springboard Charity can offer.
👋 If you would like to respond to this ask, please follow the link below and enter “Springboard” to the first field.

OFFER: What support are you currently offering and are you open to members of Community Network NI and/or the wider community making contact?

We offer a wide variety of courses. All courses are free and offer Industry accredited qualifications.

👋 If you would like to be connected to this offer of support, please follow the link below and enter “Springboard” to the first field.


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