The Carrickfergus Bluetits – Donations received

📢 Massive thank you to The Carrickfergus Bluetits for their generous donation 💰

Throughout the month of December 2020, the Carrickfergus Bluetits wore blue christmas hats for their organised open water swims. The money raised by the members have kindly been donated to Community Calling.

About The Carrickfergus Bluetits

The Bluetits is a worldwide community of people brought together by a love of cold water. No club fees, registration, rules, requirements or expectations.

The Carrickfergus Bluetits are an informal group of people (male and female) who just like to swim together. Some carry on throughout the winter months, some don’t. Some enter swimming events, some swim across the Channel, some meet every morning same time, same place and swim chat their way through the water. Others swim ice miles, some meet for coffee and cake, and maybe a swim or even a paddle.

Our link to each other initially is the joy of challenging ourselves to potter in and around open water together throughout the year.

Please note: Photographs were taken prior to current restrictions.  The Carrickfergus Bluetits are looking forward to being able to swim as a group when restrictions allow. 

💸 If you would also like to donate to Community Calling, please do so 👉 here

Thank You 🙏

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