The Hygiene Bank Ballymena: Urgent Donations

📢 Help The Hygiene Bank tackle hygiene poverty in Ballymena

ℹ️ With schools in Northern Ireland closing for Summer Holidays, donations are needed more than ever. 



Request for donation of personal hygiene items and household cleaning products to be distributed to those in the local community of Ballymena and surrounding villages who are experiencing hygiene poverty.

⚠️ The cost of childcare over the summer period will be putting even more pressure on those already struggling

Hygiene Poverty

Sadly, hygiene poverty comes with a social stigma that affects all areas of life, work, school and relationships.

Lack of access to hygiene products impacts confidence, self-esteem and prospects in those who are most vulnerable. People miss out on employment and promotion opportunities. Women find themselves housebound because they can’t afford period products, children skip school because they don’t have clean uniform or PE kit.

Please donate what you can to help them tackle this issue

No donation is too small.

⚠️ Please register your interest in supporting “The Hygiene Bank Ballymena” below

Thank You 🙏

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