The Mind Tribe UK – Mental Health Peer Support

📢 Katie Matthews from The Mind Tribe UK is facilitating free virtual meet-ups to support positive mental health & building connections

ℹ️ The Community Mind Tribe | Tuesdays 8.30-9.30pm | Weekly Meet-Ups


The Community Mind Tribe (Mental Health Peer Support Group)

Free, weekly, virtual meet-ups to support positive mental health & building connections, for adults across Northern Ireland

The Community Mind Tribe | Tuesdays 8.30-9.30pm | Weekly Meet-Ups

For adults living with Anxiety and/or Depression to explore positive thinking, mindfulness, relaxation, coping strategies and build connections and support.

Chat, Connect, Support, Sign-posting, Mindfulness & tips to support your mental health from a multi-award-winning facilitator with 11 years lived experience

A safe space where all are welcome – share as little or as much as you wish to. There is no requirement to share anything if you prefer to come and listen and join in with activities. Judgement free zone.

All information shared is completely at your discretion and is shared confidentially with the group. All attendees are required to agree to upholding confidentiality at the start of each session, to ensure peace of mind for all participants. Sessions will be live via zoom and will NOT be recorded.

Additionally, this is not a medical group so we are not here to diagnose, treat or recommend medical intervention, treatments or to give diagnoses as this is a peer-led support group. Katie, the meet-up co-ordinator has 11 years lived experience with Anxiety & Depression and is a trained mindfulness instructor, Mental Health & Well-Being Trainer, Growth Mindset coach and educator. There is no expectation from anyone to stay for the full session if it becomes too overwhelming or you don’t feel yourself and no questions will be asked if you wish to leave. There is no pressure and all participants will be made to feel welcome and safe.

Come, join us & find your mind tribe!

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