Volunteer Drivers Needed in Ards and North Down


Local Council Area

Ards and North Down

Type of volunteering opportunity

Food aid

Other (please specify) 

Driving To Deliver Food Hampers
Driving To Pick Up Fare Share Food Drops (Dundonald and Newtownards)


Volunteer Drivers Needed


We are looking for some volunteers to help us deliver food hampers locally in the Ards & North Down Area.
Hampers are delivered between 10am – 4pm, Monday – Friday. Volunteers take anywhere between 1 – 5 food hampers and deliver them at a time that suits them between 10am – 4pm, Monday – Friday.
We need volunteers to collect Fare Share Food Boxes from Lidl Dundonald, Asda Dundonald, Newtownards Asda & Newtownards Lidl. Pick Up’s happen on Monday – Friday and the store you pick up from depends on the day you are available, but must be collected at the same time between 2 – 4pm each day.
How to register
If you are interested in this volunteering opportunity please register here and mention that you are responding to the call for volunteer drivers in North Down and Ards in the comments.

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